September is Preparedness Month


As part of our campaign for National Preparedness Month 2021, we engaged subject-matter experts in the field of emergency management to have them weigh in on a few key areas. Our goal is to support increased visibility of EM as a profession (#MakeEMMoreVisible), not only for those who may be studying it at UIC, but also for those who may be considering entering the field.

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Nim Kidd (Chief - Texas Department of Emergency Management)

Nim Kidd is the Chief of the Texas Department of Emergency Management, as well as the Vice Chancellor for Disaster & Emergency Services at Texas A&M University.

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Clayton Oliver (Emergency Manager for Iowa State University)

I'm Clayton Oliver, Emergency Manager for Iowa State University.  My first career was technical writing but I got tired of writing manuals no one read for software no one installed.

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Joe Lowry (Director of Emergency Preparedness - U.S. House of Representatives)

The Emergency Management Division’s mission is to provide and implement a comprehensive emergency management program for the U.S. House of Representatives, ensuring the continuity of legislative operations and the safety of Members, staff, employees,

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