The secret is out: what keeps disaster planners awake at night

Bold letters reading Zero Dark Ready are clipped on an image that shows the upper portion of a face. The subject is wearing a militar helmet and protective clear glasses. The image style and letters make reference to the movie Zero Dark Thirty, which inspired the tone for writing the blog.

UIC’s Office of Preparedness & Response has invited an undercover agent from the world of emergency management to share their expert opinion in this brand new blog: Zero Dark Ready. 

What’s being discussed behind closed doors? You’ll need a V.I.P. card and a Top Secret Security Clearance from Juliet Golf to step behind the curtains and find out what keeps emergency managers awake at night. Keep reading to find out:

•  Who wins and who loses the most in a disaster.

•  The secret to making that cybersecurity training actually useful.

•  How planning was done and that strategy needs to be buried.

•  What issues affect you and what you can do to make a difference.

•  …And more.

These articles are written for: you, your coworker, your crazy “prepper” neighbor who built an underground bunker in their backyard, AND the teenager who shovels your sidewalk. Check back monthly to stay current.

Audience: Rated E for Everyone.