Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Authorities
Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are mandatory crime reporters specified under the Clery Act. UIC is required to identify CSAs using guidance from the U.S. Department of Education, which defines CSAs in four categories:

  1. Campus Police Departments
    (e.g., UIC Police Department, UIS Police Department, UIUC Police Department)
  2. Individuals in security roles
    (e.g., someone who monitors access to a campus property)
  3. Individuals or offices to which UIC instructs students to report crimes
    (e.g., Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator)
  4. Individuals with “significant responsibility for student or campus activities”
    (e.g., certain staff in Campus Housing, Intercollegiate Athletics, Center for Student Involvement, etc.)

Clery Act Liaisons
In order to gather accurate information from such a large and diverse community as UIC and its regional health science campuses, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, which is managing Clery compliance, worked with the Chancellor/Vice Chancellor’s Cabinet and Dean’s Council to identify a Clery Act Liaison within each college and major administrative unit. It was determined it would be in the program’s best interest to have a primary point of administrative contact that is most familiar with operational and programmatic matters at the college- and unit-level who can provide assistance in identifying and registering any CSAs that work within the liaison’s college or major administrative unit.

UIC Clery Act Liaisons play an essential role in helping to coordinate the gathering of pertinent information to comply with the federal mandates, and ensure that communications between our compliance program and the units run smoothly. As such, the Clery Liaison for each college and major administrative unit identifies UIC CSAs within their college or unit following federal guidance from the U.S. Department of Education.