Violence Prevention Governance

The Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams are formally titled as the Behavioral Threat Assessment Team for Students and Behavioral Threat Assessment Team for Employees. Both Teams, BTAT for Employees and BTAT for Students report to the Emergency Operations Policy Group (EOPG).


  • Receive and review information about concerns regarding behavior that is potentially harmful and/or disruptive to the university community
  • Perform initial assessment of risk and develop a support plan, within existing university policies, to mitigate risk and promote individual well-being and success. Provide follow-up and assessment of support plan.
  • Make recommendations for action and share information with university faculty, staff and others, as appropriate, to assist with managing potentially harmful or disruptive behavior.
  • Educate the university community on the Behavior Threat Assessment Team process and how to identify and report behaviors of concern.
  • Provide guidance and best practices for preventing violence and providing support services.
  • Use fact-based threat assessment process to investigate threats, actions, or conduct that may lead to targeted violence and determine situation-specific management plans.
  • Identify university policy and procedural issues and recommend changes to appropriate entities
  • Review Behavioral Threat Assessment Team procedures and protocols and assess team effectiveness and compliance with university policies.
  • Conduct post-incident assessments and evaluations of the effectiveness of the response(s) on a case-by-case and aggregate basis.


All areas of the campus community are required to cooperate with requests from Emergency Operations Policy Group and Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams relative to successfully monitoring any aberrant, dangerous, or threatening behavior and responding acts or threats of violence on campus.