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UIC SAFE APP icon showing the App Store logo and the Google Play logo

UIC SAFE app is a FREE personal security tool that provides students, faculty and staff with added safety on the campus.

The app’s user-friendly interface allows users to easily connect with friends and family to share their location in real-time as they walk. It allows direct and easy contact with dispatchers and first responders in case of emergencies and provides access to easy reporting forms, emergency guidelines and to a comprehensive list of support resources for students faculty and staff.

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  • UIC SAFE Profile

    Create a safety profile that will allow UIC Police to contact you and verify your identity in case of an emergency.

  • Panic Button

    Discreetly call UIC Police for help, sending them a pin of your location.


    Check out Panic Button feature in action!



  • Friend Virtual Walk

    As your virtual buddy, a friend monitors you on a map until you arrive at your destination or you hit the “Emergency” button.

    Check out the Friend Virtual Walk feature in action!



  • Report a Tip

    Share crime tips or information, and attach a photo or video. Ask questions and get answers from UIC Police. Be anonymous if you prefer.

    Check out the Report a Tip feature in action!

  • UIC Police Virtual Escort

    UIC Police are on call to keep you safe, monitoring you on a map until you arrive at your destination or hit the “Emergency” button.

  • Work Alone

    Let someone know where and when you’re working alone on campus. Check in regularly with a contact through pop-ups, but notifies them you may need help if you don’t.

    Check out the Work Alone feature in action!



  • Safe Commute

    Your options for safer traveling, walking or riding, throughout the campus coverage area. Check your shuttle, request a ride, have a student buddy walking with you, or walk with security (UIC Law-only).

  • Safety Toolbox

    Tools you can use to enhance your safety with tips to review, update emergency contacts, call for counseling, report ice/snow, and more. 

  • Support Resources

    For students and employees, access contacts and resources for assistance so you have what you need to be successful at UIC.

  • Push Notifications/UIC ALERT

    Receive instant notifications, emergency UIC ALERTs, and instructions when on-campus emergencies occur. UIC ALERT integrates with UIC SAFE. This keeps university emergency communication clear and consistent across channels within minimal duplicated effort and additional redundancy.

  • Emergency Response Guidelines

    Know who to call and what to do in a campus emergency. Information at your fingertips, view offline and anytime.

  • Report Light Outage

    Notify Facilities Management of a street light outage or area light not working in this simple, “fill-in-the-blank” form. Includes the option to snap a photo and attach.

Render of several screens from the UIC SAFE APP


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