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Digital representation of the VVP document

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) is committed to take reasonable action to provide a safe environment for students, employees, and visitors who live, work, visit, or study on campus. To reaffirm the university’s commitment to the wellbeing, health, and safety of the university community, and to remain in compliance with local, state, and federal laws, the UIC Violence Prevention Plan (VPP or “the plan”) has been updated, reviewed, and approved by university leadership. This plan has been developed for university violence prevention, reduction, and response, and outlines effective identification, assessment, and management strategies that will be employed to prevent campus violence, to reduce the effects of violence on victims/survivors, and to impose consequences upon those who threaten or perpetrate violence.

It is the policy of the university to be prepared for any acts of violence or threats of violence affecting the welfare, health, or safety of the university community. Violence prevention and response activities shall be coordinated to the maximum extent possible within the campus as well as comparable to activities of other local governments and other counties, the State of Illinois, the federal government, and private agencies and organizations of every type.

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