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Continuity Planning Tool

Action Required: Transition from UI Ready (Kuali Ready) Business Continuity to Riskonnect.

To learn more about the transition and the steps you need to take, please click here.


UIC’s 2024 UIC Violence Prevention Plan (VPP) and Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Heading link

UIC’s 2024 UIC Violence Prevention Plan (VPP) and Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) are now available for download! These plans  provide the playbooks by which campus violence prevention and all-hazards emergency response operations are conducted at UIC. Review these plans to learn about the roles and responsibilities for identifying, assessing, and managing concerning or threatening behavior on campus, and about the university management structure for emergency preparedness and response, among many other topics. Each plan has a dedicated webpage updated with information you should know.

Learn More About the Plans

ASFSR 2023 Heading link

Experience campus safety in a whole new pixelated light with the 2023 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for UIC. We know safety is never a solo mission, but always a multi-player effort. The foundation of our collective safety relies on personal responsibility, and we must all play our part. Featuring how-to tutorials of UIC safety tools; educational videos, interactive maps and more, we urge you to explore the report and its resources.

We’re all in this together: your campus, our safety!

Experience the Annual Report

Are you #UICReady? Surviving an Active Threat Event Heading link

The Aware and Prepared campaign is committed to putting U first and designed to educate and empower our community to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate emergencies.

This page offers a selection of active threat preparedness and responses products, tools, and resources, including our new training video to instruct our students and employees on the “Evacuate, Evade or Engage” protocol.

Finding yourself in such a situation can cause extreme panic and disorientation. But if you know what to do ahead of time, your chances of surviving this type of emergency situation are greatly increased.

A prepared UIC is a resilient UIC!

Prepare Now. Learn How

#UICReady Heading link

A hand holds a megaphone, caption

We can’t warn you if we can’t reach you!

In case of an emergency on campus, UIC’s Emergency Notification System will push out a UIC ALERT. By making sure that your data is updated, you will make sure that you will receive the needed information to take immediate action and remain safe.

Update your information to receive the UIC ALERT today!

What's new? Heading link

OPR leaders in Preparedness Heading link

  • NACCOP 2019 UIC was awarded the Clery Compliance Program of the Year award by the National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals for its campus safety programs.

  • GDUSA 2021 The 2020 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report was awarded GDUSA’s (Graphic Design USA) American Inhouse Design Awards in 2021.

  • A'DESIGN 2021 The 2020 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report won the Bronze A’DESIGN Award in Print and Published Media by the International Design Academy in 2021.

  • ADOBE 2021 The 2020 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report landed the FINALIST category in the Adobe Creativity Government Awards 2021.