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Your role

It is the responsibility of all campus community members to help maintain an environment free from threats or acts of violence.

Perpetrators of violence typically premeditate or plan attacks prior to carrying them out, often following a “pathway to violence.” Along the pathway to violence, perpetrators are known to display common warning signs, or “behaviors of concern,” which may be identified by bystanders (e.g., colleagues, classmates, family, friends on social media, etc.). When bystanders refer known information to the appropriate authorities, it creates the opportunity to assess the situation to determine (a) whether someone may be on a pathway to violence, and (b) which management strategies may be leveraged to divert behaviors away from the pathway to violence.

Educating the campus community on behaviors of concern, or potential indicators of future violence, is essential to the collective responsibility of campus violence prevention. When members of the university community understand: (1) what to look for to identify behaviors of concern, and (2) how and with whom to share known information, it equips them to serve as active bystanders.

UIC community members should be familiar with the following behaviors of concern, as well as the appropriate reporting contacts to share information.

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