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Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Different digital renders of sections of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report 2022

The Clery Act requires colleges and universities that receive federal funding to disseminate a public annual report to employees and students every October 1st. The report must include statistics of campus crime for the preceding 3 calendar years, plus details about efforts taken to improve campus safety. Colleges and universities that have on-campus student housing facilities must also disseminate fire safety policies and statistics for their on-campus student housing facilities. UIC complies with the Clery Act by annually publishing the UIC Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASFSR). The ASFSR also includes policy statements regarding crime reporting, campus facility security and access, law enforcement authority, incidence of alcohol and drug use, and the prevention of/response to sexual assault, domestic or dating violence, and stalking.

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UIC is required to compile annual crime statistics concerning certain crimes that are reported to Campus Security Authorities or local police agencies. Crimes disclosed in the ASFSR include Clery Act crimes that occurred on UIC’s Clery Geography (on-campus property, on-campus student housing facilities, noncampus property, and public property immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus).

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To learn more about UIC Clery Geography, including Clery Geography maps of each campus, see the Travel & Geography Reporting section of this site.