Behavioral Threat Assessment Team for Employees (BTAT-E)

Population Served: Employees (including prospective and former employees)

How to Report:

  1. Contact the Associate Chancellor of the Office for Access and Equity  -  (312) 996-8670
  2. Contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.
  3. Contact your supervisor, department head or HR coordinator.

Once a Report is Submitted:

  1. Report immediately enters a secure database.
  2. Report is reviewed by the Chairs of the BTAT-E / members of BTAT-E.
  3. Reporting person will be contacted to confirm receipt of information.
  4. Respondent may be contacted for collection of further information.

Potential Outcomes of Reports:

  1. Recommend no action, pending further observation.
  2. Assist supervisors or unit heads in developing a plan of action.
  3. Refer employee to existing on-campus support resources.
  4. Refer employee to appropriate community resources.
  5. Make recommendations consistent with university policies and procedures.

Confidential Tracking and Documentation

A searchable and confidential database must be maintained to identify faculty and staff of concern; information known; targets of possible acts or threats of violence; and a description of the response. Such recordkeeping is mandated by the legislation. Keeping reports and information separate from individual files and as confidential as feasible and appropriate for the situation will be important for protecting employees, and to encourage openness and reporting.


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