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Areas of Rescue Assistance

An Area of Rescue Assistance is a location in a building where, due to its construction, individuals, including persons with disabilities, can go to await assistance if they are not able to evacuate or get to another area of safety.

In a ­fire emergency, move to the nearest exit on your floor without blocking the flow of traffic. If conditions deteriorate, move into the stair landing behind the closed door, and await help. If you are unable to reach an Area of Rescue Assistance, remain in a room with an exterior window, a telephone, and a ­fire-resistant door.

Report your situation and location to the UIC Police Department (UICPD) at (312) 355-5555 or emergency services at 911. Law enforcement will relay your location to on-site emergency response personnel who will provide assistance.

If the phone lines fail, signal from a window by waving a cloth or other visible object.