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Security Threat (Lockdown)

  • ­If outside during a lockdown emergency, seek cover in the nearest unlocked building.
  • ­If the buildings in the immediate area have locked exterior doors, move away from the danger, seek cover, move to another building, or leave campus if it is safe to do so.
  • ­Assist those who need help, but carefully consider whether you may put yourself at risk.
  • ­Once within a safe place, attempt to secure the space (i.e., lock or barricade doors, close windows/blinds).
  • ­Remain quiet, unless making noise would be bene­ficial to your safety. Turn off lights and silence phones.
  • ­DO NOT open the door until a KNOWN law enforcement officer advises it is safe to do so or some other credible information, such as UIC ALERT Emergency Noti­fication System, is received advising the threat is over.