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Suspicious Person

Report What You See Heading link

Report violent, threatening, or suspicious behavior by calling UICPD at (312) 355-5555 or 911. Provide as much information as possible and DO NOT hang up until explicitly instructed to do so.
  • Where:

    • Where is the incident taking place?
    • ­Where are you located?
    • ­Where is the assailant?
  • Who:

    • What does the assailant look like?
    • ­Do you recognize the assailant?
  • What:

    • What is the assailant carrying?
    • ­What type of weapon(s) did you see?
    • A handgun, ri­fle, or explosive?
    • ­Were they carrying a backpack, bag, or carrying case?
    • What did it look like?
    • ­What did you hear before, during, and after the confrontation? Explosions? Gunshots?
  • How:

    • How is the assailant communicating?
    • ­What language is being used?
    • ­What threats or commands are being said?