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Suspicious Package/Mail/Email

Anyone who receives mail should be aware of the indicators of a suspicious package. The presence of one or more of the following features is cause for concern:

  • ­Unexpected mail with foreign postmarks, airmail, or uncharacteristic or abnormal delivery markings.
  • ­Postage irregularities, including excessive postage, no postage, or unusual stamps.
  • ­No postmark (may indicate hand delivery).
  • ­Badly typed, misspelled, or poorly written addresses and markings.
  • Oddly shaped, unevenly weighted, lopsided, or lumpy package.
  • ­Odor, stains, or discoloration.
  • ­Protruding wires, tinfoil, or other conductive materials.
  • ­Package left by an unknown person.

What to Do Heading link

Protect yourself, your business, and your mail room. If you receive a suspicious package or envelope: Stop. Don't handle. Isolate it immediately. Don't open, smell, or taste. Activate your emergency plan. Notify a supervisor. Characteristics of a possible suspicious package: No return address. Restrictive markings. Sealed with tape. Misspelled words and/or badly typed or written. Unknown powder or suspicious substance. Excessive postage and/or possibly mailed from a foreign country. Oily stains, discolorations, crystallization on wrapper. Excessive tape. Strange odor. Incorrect title or address to title only. Rigid or bulky. Lopsided or uneven. Protruding wires.

If you suspect the mail or package contains a bomb (explosive) or a chemical, biological, or radiological threat: Call the UIC Police Department at (312) 355-5555