Power Outage/Utility Failure

  • The following procedures must be followed whenever a critical utility (i.e., power, water, heating, ventilation, or air conditioning) failure occurs:
  • ­For campus buildings, call the UIC Police Department (UICPD) at (312) 355-5555 and the Facilities Management Service Desk at (312) 996-7511.
  • ­For residence halls, call the Resident Assistant on duty.
  • Provide the following information:
    • ­Your name and current accessible phone number; the building name, room number, and ­floors or areas affected; and the nature of the failure.

Electrical Failure

  • ­In buildings equipped with emergency generators, the generator will provide limited electricity to crucial areas (including the ­fire alarm system and emergency lighting).
  • ­Evacuate the building when instructed to do so. DO NOT reenter until you are instructed to do so.
  • ­To avoid damage from any surge when the power is restored, turn off and unplug nonessential electrical devices, especially voltage-sensitive equipment like computers. DO NOT turn them back on until power has been restored or you are advised to do so by Facilities Management.
  • ­In the event of an extended, campus-wide, or area-wide power outage, instructions and information will be provided through the UIC ALERT.
  • ­Elevators will not function during a power failure. Use the stairs to evacuate.