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Acts of Violence or Threatening Behavior

If you are confronted by or observe a person displaying aberrant, dangerous, or threatening behavior, attempt to remove yourself from the situation if you can do so without provoking the aggressor.

If you are the victim of a threat or act of violence or observe a person committing an act of violence, call the UIC Police Department at (312) 355-5555 immediately. DO NOT attempt to confront a person who is violent or aggressive.


If you have concerns about someone's behavior, please contact one of the following offices to share information:

  • BTAT Report Form

  • Office of the Dean of Students

    (312) 996-4857

  • Office for Access and Equity

    (312) 996-8670

The following actions should be taken when confronted by an angry or disturbed person and you are unable to safely remove yourself from the situation.

  • ­Appear calm and unhurried in your response but stay out of arm’s reach of the person.
  • ­Give the person your full attention; be empathetic and show our concern.
  • ­Let the person speak, listen attentively, and ask for specific examples to clarify what the person is saying.
  • ­Provide positive feedback such as, “We can get this straightened out,” or “I’m glad you’re telling me how you feel about this.”
  • ­Move away from any object that could be used as a weapon.
  • ­Calmly ask the person to place any weapons in a neutral location while you continue to talk with the person. Avoid attempting to disarm the person.
  • ­DO NOT display challenging body language (e.g., placing your hands on your hips, moving toward or staring directly at the person).
  • ­DO NOT physically touch an outraged person or try to force the person to leave.
  • ­DO NOT accept a weapon from a violent person.
  • ­DO NOT argue, yell, or joke.


If you are experiencing a crisis and need someone to talk to, call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988.

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