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Active Threat Frequently Asked Questions

Even though this is a difficult subject, learning about active threat/shooter preparedness can have a life-saving impact. It is the whole university's responsibility to keep ourselves and our community members safe and prepared.

Preventing Active Threats and Other Campus Violence Heading link

Preparing Before an Active Threat Incident Heading link

It’s your responsibility to practice situational awareness. Familiarize yourself with the locations where you spend most of your time and identify spaces or objects that can be used for protection during an active threat event.

Your Response Options: Evacuate, Evade, Engage Heading link

There are three response options you can choose. Evacuate, evade, or engage. The response option you choose should be based on your own assessment of the situation and where you are located in relation to the threat. A person needs to have several options when dealing with these highly charged and stressful situations. If any of these tactics save a life, they worked. Our intent is to highlight the comprehensive approach to this issue including what faculty, staff, and students can do as members of the UIC community to lessen the likelihood of these events on campus.

Response Considerations for Faculty, Instructors, and Staff Supervisors Heading link

Faculty, instructors, and staff supervisors are encouraged to discuss and plan for campus emergencies with their students and staff. UIC provides a Syllabus Insert for Active Threat Readiness that may be used to facilitate a conversation with classrooms. In addition, UIC Emergency Response Guidelines are posted in all classrooms and common spaces, and are available for download, as a reference for responding to various types of campus emergencies.

Additional Response Considerations Heading link